The Network

“Should we leave where we are now to avoid future impacts from climate change?”

Members of the Climigration Network come at this question from very different perspectives, including urban planning, engineering, the arts, federal aid, academia, social work, foundation support, spirituality, human rights, insurance, and personal experience with relocating in response to climate change impacts. We are a group working to understand all the reasons this question is so difficult and to find ways to make it easier to tackle. is a repository for what we are learning.

The Climigration Network is supported by the Consensus Building Institute (CBI) in partnership with the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation. CBI is a not-for-profit organization that designs and manages stakeholder engagement projects around complex, high-stakes issues. CBI aims to empower stakeholders — public and private, government and community — to resolve issues; reach better, more durable agreements; and build stronger relationships.

We are always looking to expand the conversation. If you have something to contribute, or would like to connect with us for any reason, please send an email to Maggie Osthues at the Consensus Building Institute (CBI) or click the button below to sign up for our Climigration Network mailing list.