Robin Bronen

Robin Bronen photo 2.jpg

Robin Bronen serves as Executive Director of the Alaska Institute for Justice, the only non-profit in Alaska that provides immigration legal services and trains bilingual Alaskans to work as professional interpreters in the medical, legal and social services. The FBI awarded the Alaska Institute for Justice the 2012 Director's National Community Service award for the agency's work with human trafficking victims. The Municipality of Anchorage awarded AIJ the Community Diversity award in 2007.  Robin’s additional honors include: 2012 Alaska Bar Association Human Rights award, 2012 International Soroptimist Advancing the Rights of Women award and 2007 Robert Hickerson award for public service. Robin also serves as a Senior Research Scientist at the University of Alaska Fairbanks researching climate-induced relocations since 2007. Her publications include New York University Review of Law and Social Change; Brookings Institution, The Guardian and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.