Climigration Network Steering Committee and Agenda Setters Announced

The Climigration Network is committed to strengthening and connecting organizations and individuals who think about relocation due to climate change. Now, at the outset of 2019, the network is thrilled to introduce its new leadership: an 11-member Steering Committee and a 23-member group of advisors dubbed the Agenda Setters. As the Network seeks to understand and address the challenges of climigration, the Agenda Setters will identify the key questions for the Network to tackle by following the news, research, and popular dialogue on climigration and related topics. The Agenda Setters bring a wealth of experience to this work, from academia to consulting, journalism, research, and organizing. At the helm, the Steering Committee will guide the priorities and direction of the Network. In collaboration with the broader membership, and with the project management and facilitation support of the Consensus Building Institute, these two leadership bodies will take the the Climigration Network to the next level over the coming years.

The Climigration Network’s Steering Committee:

Robin Bronen
Maxine Burkett
Craig Colten
Xavier Cortada
Ama Francis
Victoria Herrmann
Carri Hulet
Liz Koslov
Devi Lockwood
Kristin Marcell
Ed Thomas, Esq.

The Climigration Network’s Agenda Setters:

Anamaria Bukvic
Debra M. Butler
Leah Campbell
Andres Chang
Bryan Gunnar Cole
Amy Cotter
Alicia Escott
Harriet Festing
Beth Gibbons
Rebecca Herst
Kristin Kelleher
Sarah Lipuma
Kelly Leilani Main
Patrick Marchman
Mary Mattingly
Eve Mosher
Queen Quet Marquetta L. Goodwine
Eric Roberts
A.R. Siders
Sacha Spector
Katie Spidalieri
Nava Tabak
Hannah Teicher

If you want to help with the Climigration Network’s efforts, or learn more, be in touch!

*Photo credit: City Dock King Tide by Amy McGovern, CC BY2.0 (no modifications)