Frequently Asked Questions


Is funding available for groups outside of the US?

No; the group awarded funding must be located within the US.

May a land conservation organization apply to receive the award?

Yes. Any non-profit is welcome to apply, although the organization need not be a non-profit to qualify for the award.

Are letters of support required from participating groups?


No, but we want to know that all the people and entities named as participants in the proposed effort are committed and have bought in.

Can a group of communities jointly apply for the award?


What level of action will award-winners be expected to accomplish during the period of work?

They will be expected to work to fully develop a larger project that addresses managed retreat in some way. They will not be expected to carry out that larger project (which we assume will require more time and resources).


Would the Climigration network be able to provide process support to those who receive the award?

Those administering the award hope to support those who win the award by making connections to experts in the climigration network who could review draft work products or give feedback on ideas. Regarding process expertise in particular, staff at the Consensus Building Institute would definitely consider spending time with those who receive the award to help think about best practices for community engagement, running meetings, etc.