Climigration Awardees Named

October 2018

The Climigration Network is pleased to announce that it has awarded $7,500 to the following organizations for Concept Development Support for Community-led Projects on Managed Retreat.

  • The Alaska Institute for Justice - Alaska Native communities working together to develop community-led relocation guidelines to protect their human rights.

  • The University of New Hampshire - Scientists, professional actors and facilitators using applied theater to help improve communication and understanding in communities facing managed retreat as a result of a changing climate.

  • The Lowlander Center (Louisiana) - A collaborative effort to design a dialogue between Bayou-Lowlands “sending communities” and inland-high ground “receiving communities.”

  • The Seabrook-Hamptons Estuary Alliance - First steps toward convening a community-wide conversation about managed retreat in the Town of Hampton, New Hampshire.

  • The Anthropocene Alliance (Texas, Florida, New York) - Resident leaders in four flood-prone, marginalized communities exploring ways to discuss managed retreat with their neighbors.

These organizations will use the award to catalyze the development of a project concept for community-led efforts that address the difficult topic of managed retreat. This award is one of many ways the Climigration Network is seeking to foster the development of locally-led projects that will help communities as they decide whether and when strategic, planned retreat is needed and how to plan for it.

About the Climigration Network

The Climigration Network is a community of practitioners driving innovation in conversations, policies, and practices, wherever  impacts from climate change are eroding the viability of staying in place. The Climigration Network was founded in 2016 by The Consensus Building Institute. The 2018 award program was made possible through a partnership with the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and the generous support of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.