ABOUT the CLimigration Network

This effort is led by a diverse group of people who are committed to helping communities and policymakers think proactively about managed retreat along with all other options for adapting to climate change. This multi-faceted issue necessitates a multi-expert and multi-experience approach. Thus the network includes a diverse group of thinkers and doers from a wide variety of disciplines and experiences, including planners; residents of coastal communities; a post-disaster social worker; local, state, and federal government representatives; climate scientists; a change management consultant; artists who use expression to help people think about transformation; academics; adaptation finance administrators; and policy mediators. 

We are always looking to expand the conversation. If you have something to contribute, or would like to connect with us for any reason, please send an email to Sam Kumasaka at the Consensus Building Institute (CBI) or use our online form.

This project is powered by CBI— a not-for-profit organization that designs and manages stakeholder engagement projects around complex, high-stakes issues. CBI aims to empower stakeholders — public and private, government and community — to resolve issues; reach better, more durable agreements; and build stronger relationships.



If you would like more information, please contact Sam Kumasaka at
okumasaka at cbuilding.org